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Audrey Pavia is a former magazine editor and an award-winning freelance writer. She has authored articles on various topics in a number of livestyle, trade, horse, cat, dog, bird, fish, exotic pet and livestock publications, and has written 23 traditionally published books on animals, including Horses For Dummies, Horseback Riding for Dummies and Hollywood Hoofbeats (with Petrine Mitchum). Audrey holds a Bachelors Degree in Journalism with a minor in Astronomy from New York University.

Audrey has contributed to numerous publications and websites, including the following:


The Wirecutter

Woman's World

Cigar & Spirits

Long Island Press

Hobby Farms

Horse Illustrated


American Farriers Journal

Pet Product News

California Horsetrader



AKC Gazette

Horse & Rider

Water Garden News

Ponds USA


Stable Management

USDF Connection

Veterinary Practice News

Western Horse & Gun