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Selected Works

Horses for Dummies

This hands-on guide in the popular For Dummies format provides all the information you need on breeds, boarding, nutrition, equipment, training and riding, as well as new information on various equine conditions.

Horses for Dummies

Horseback Riding for Dummies

Don’t know a horse’s head from its tail, a trot from a canter, withers from a fetlock? No problem. Coauthored by a medal-winning equestrian and nationally respected equestrian trainer, it tells you what you need to know about that elegant animal, body and soul, to become an accomplished rider. And it trains you in all the technical basics of riding for fun or competition.

Hollywood Hoofbeats

From the early days of D.W. Griffith’s The Great Train Robbery to Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained, this celebration of movies promises something for every Hollywood fan… the raucous comedy of Abbot and Costello (and “Teabiscuit”) in It Ain’t Hay, a classic sports films like National Velvet starring Elizabeth Taylor, a timeless epic with Errol Flynn, and films featuring guitar-strumming cowboys like Gene Autry and Roy Rogers.